GoSocial, for the artist in you

Social media for creators to create, learn, and grow! Find inspiration to create in the challenges by experts, improve on the go, and earn points.

Take creative challenges designed by photographers, artists, writers, and designers

Challenges are ideas, prompts, or projects.

Pick your streak in a challenge and keep going!

Choose the number of days you want to take a challenge for. Create and share your work every day to maintain the streak and practise.


Streaks are a fun way to learn

1 to 5 Days - Trial

Trying out that idea

7 to 15 Days - Experiment

Experimenting with the idea

30 Day - Learning

From 20-hour learning rule (45 mins * 30 days)

180 Days - Master

Get disciplined and master the art

365 Days - Legend

Make a ritual to create every day

Rewards that keep you going!

Participate in art, writing, design, and photography contests and giveaways and win exciting rewards.


Infinite aspirations, one motto